Retail commercial blocks like this often require hard money loans for financing.

Hard money commercial property loans

Whether you’re setting your sights on multi-family projects, retail shopping centers, or exploring the potential of industrial and office building projects, we provide hard money loans for your investments. Our expertise spans diverse sectors, allowing us to provide funding that caters to the unique requirements of each commercial real estate type.

Capital Funding NW provides fast and efficient funding for commercial real estate purchases. We understand the urgency of seizing valuable opportunities in the dynamic commercial real estate market. Our commitment to fast funding sets us apart, ensuring that you can secure the purchase of commercial real estate without unnecessary delays.

All loan product terms offered are conditioned on Loan Underwriting and final loan approval.

Loan to value


Interest rate


Easy pay rate


(First 6 payments)


Up to

24 mos.

Prepayment penalty


Not only do we make fast decisions, we make it easy to apply for hard money loans

With a streamlined application process and a dedicated team of experts, we provide the funding you need exactly when you need it. Whether you’re purchasing retail properties, office buildings, industrial complexes, or any other commercial property, we provide fast loan approvals. Experience the power of fast funding with Capital Funding NW and navigate the path to commercial real estate ownership with confidence.

What you need to get started with a hard money loan


  • 600+ FICO
  • 6+ months in business
  • $10,000 in monthly revenue
  • Business operating in an eligible US state


  • Basic information about your project

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