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  • Housing Starts

    Seattle has experienced significant growth in housing starts, driven by a booming economy and population influx. The city’s robust job market, particularly in the technology sector, has contributed to a high demand for housing. This […] Read more

  • The NNN Properties sector faces pivotal shifts due to rising interest rates and economic adjustments as we head into 2024

    By scrutinizing lease terms, assessing credit ratings, and considering real estate-specific factors, this report provides invaluable insights for investors seeking a nuanced understanding of cap rate determinants in the metro Seattle commercial real estate market. […] Read more

  • IRR Viewpoint 2024

    With home prices on the uptick and mortgage rates still lofty, the median household income for homebuyers has ballooned to a staggering new record high, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Read more